Large exposition hall

(270 m²) 2nd floor: theatre style, 250 seats (150 seats with tables). The exclusively designed room can be modified for different types of events.

Large cinema room

(225 m²) 1st floor: a large and stylish room, which seats 170. Has daily programme created especially for islanders.* Possibility to rent it for events – registration 2 weeks beforehand.

Kaali room

(77 m²) 1st floor: room seating 40, which has an attractive design. Suitable for educational movies and private screenings. Daily Thule House programme: five entertaining short movies about the ancient and mythical history of Saaremaa.

Children’s playroom

(45 m²) 1st floor: Interactive room with a climbing wall and space to run around.

Toddler’s playroom

(60m²) 2. korrus: hubane tuba väikelaste meelelahutusega. Sobib laulutunniks, võimlemiseks, perekooliks, koolituseks, tooteesitluseks jne.

Creative room

(20 m²) 2nd floor: an inspiring meeting room with a big table and eight seats. Excellent view to Raekoja street.

Birthday room

(30 m²) 1st floor: a room with a large table, 20 seats. Also suitable for arranging workshops.


(20 m²) 3rd floor: a cosy studio room on the top floor with a round table and comfy chairs. Suitable for a meeting of a smaller company, for training, discussion or other purposes.

360º cinema room

(95 m²) 2nd floor: a special room with a unique programme, where movies are shown all around the visitors, who are standing in the middle of the events.